​Beginning in the 1700's through the 1800's, the communities of Maidstone​, Morgan, Lemmington, and Westmore in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom, were terrorized by a creature residents described as a huge "bear" that ran on 2 legs. The term Bigfoot wasn't coined until 1958 so the only words available to describe what they were seeing was either "Wildman" or "bear". Well for years, this "bear" vandalized farm equipment, destroyed crops, and scared the heck out of the general population. He did things only a creature with opposable thumbs could do like grasp or throw items or drag large heavy items. Actions a bear could not accomplish. He was known to the local Wabanaki tribe as Wejuk or Wetskin. To the new settlers, he was Slipperyskin and the Devil himself. The name derived from his ability to allude capture and disappear like a vapor. He thought like a master chess player always outwitting those who would set traps for him . Click on the link below to read about Slipperyskin and his reign of terror. Amazingly, the similarities between this "bear" and sasquatch reports today are too similar to ignore. Follow the link below to learn the history of Slipperyskin.