I usually stay at state parks when I research. I like to support them because they own huge tracts of land that in turn, supports habitat for Sasquatch. I also have to stretch my finances whenever possible and the park systems have shelter options from tenting on up to small cabins. Most, if not all parks, have coin-op showers and some have cabins with electricity, a must with the array of electronics needed for surveillance, audio, and video  equipment. But if I'm tenting, I can often find a local library to charge my equipment. Conveniently, most parks are usually close to where I am researching and I feel I am supporting habitats which, in turn, benefit Sasquatch. I have provided links to my favorite sites and some other researcher/authors links whom I admire. Please visit them. I apologize for the Maine state park link. They do not allow links to their park website. Please Google it.

Two of my favorite YouTube channels, The Olympic Project  and Survival Lilly which is quite good and she has many really good videos on Survival topics.