​Around 980 A.D.,  Leif Erickson, son of Eric the Red and a crew of Norseman, sailed west stopping in Iceland and Greenland and eventually landing in Newfoundland. Not many people realize the Vikings predated Columbus and his "discovery" of the New World by some 500 years. The Vikings called Newfoundland the Rock because of it's rugged coastline. Today, these settlements are known as St. Anthony and L'Anse aux Meadows. In 1960, the Viking settlements were declared National Historic Sites and in 2000, Leif's journey was retraced in an historically correct, hand-built long boat complete with Norse crew using his original journal. 

              However, not long after landing in Newfoundland around 980 A.D., the Vikings encountered something they had never seen before. Leif wrote in his journal that he and his crew had seen "Huge hairy men" that towered over them and who lived in the deep woods. He wrote down that they had a rank odor and deafening shriek that shook a man's soul. Why did Leif mention these encounters in his journal? He obviously  thought they were important enough to record. Clearly they warranted mention in his journal and the physical descriptions are spot on with modern eyewitness accounts.  Many Sasquatch accounts since mention a rank odor, deafening shrieks and screams, and a towering stature. Furthermore, if the journal was detailed enough to recreate an ocean journey, what does that say about the accounts concerning Sasquatch? 

If these accounts are accurate, then we can date Sasquatch's existence here in the Americas to at least 980 A.D. This could explain why they have been so successful  and yet still living here in New England today.  

​​The Vikings encounter Sasquatch​